With an annual estimated attendance of over 5,000 participants, FMM’s Educational Outreach Series reaches a wide number of people with culturally diverse and accessible performances, a reflection of the groups and cultures that make our city distinct. From classroom setting to local artists’ development to citywide performances, the series seeks to positively impact not only children and youth but also families that may not have the financial means to afford performances of this type and quality.

These free to the public series include programs such as Music That Should Be Danced: World Edition, Salsa y Salud, Music for Peace (at the Rothko Chapel), Music Lecture Series (done at universities and other educational entities), Navidad Latina (at the MFAH), and guest artist’s master classes.


The now international Robert Avalon Competition for Composers continues its educational mission by providing a platform for composers from around the world and of all ages, to have their works evaluated and critiqued by world renowned judges while competing for cash prizes. This program has now become Houston’s most important contemporary music event of the year.