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Artistic Team
Artistic Team

Karen Somer, a native New Yorker, has enjoyed a long association with music which began in her childhood, and currently functions as Assistant Programming Director with the Foundation for Modern Music. She also maintains an active career in Physical Therapy, currently teaching full time at Houston Community College as an instructor in the physical therapist assistant program and working part time at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Karen’s avocation has always been music, for which she obtained a minor in college. Her involvement in music goes from performing to teaching and coaching to being active in the planning of the concert season for FMM. She has taught music theory at numerous Suzuki Summer Institutes and workshops in Colorado, Florida, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah. As a performer she has played recorder in baroque music ensembles. With an extensive background in childhood development, she has a gift for starting toddlers on string instruments (violin and cello) and piano as she prepares them for higher level teachers. She has also been active in coaching young musicians as they prepare for competitions, mostly strings and chamber music. Other interests have included teaching the Bradley Method of Childbirth, utilizing music for physical therapy, and supporting various music associations. Karen is the proud mother of Eden, Adaiha, Batya, and Ilan MacAdam-Somer, four superb and talented string players that perform on their own or together as the MacAdam-Somer Quartet. Karen credits Robert Avalon (who was her dear friend) as having been one of the most influential teachers of the four young MacAdam-Somers.